Ever wondered how your competitors are getting ahead in the marketing game, or perhaps you’ve thought about getting someone to look at your marketing strategy and just don’t understand what they’re telling you.

Well an astute small business marketing company in Melbourne has just started to coach Spanish small business owners with their mini crash course in small business marketing and communications.

Perfectly designed for small business owners and managers wishing to learn new marketing skills.


This course offers two skill sets that will provide essential marketing skills without the need for a huge time investment or cost.

So lets walk through the course a little and at the end you’ll have a customized plan and it’s going to be specific just for your business.

Now what you’re going to learn in this small business marketing course is how to develop your market position which a lot of businesses really neglect and really that is so key because if you don’t get that right.

Right off the bat everything else just doesn’t work. It doesn’t fall into place not to mention a strong market position is going to help you eliminate competition.

It’s going to help you be unique in your own marketplace and is going to help you as far as price elasticity’s.

Next you’re going to go through how to create a quality-marketing message and this is key for reaching out to the right clientele. Reaching the right people that you’re trying to target.

You’ve got to have the right message that speaks directly to them.

That’s very powerful.

After that you’re going to go through marketing mediums or marketing media groups and you’re going to see which media outlets best suit your target market, where you should invest your money and not just blindly throw it down a rabbit hole.

You want to know exactly where you’re going to get the best results and you’re going to keep on updating this over and over and over.

For instance their are at least twelve different media outlets that you should be considering all the way from radio, T.V, newspaper, Google Ad Words, SEO, press releases and many other options.

So you’re really going to have a lot of different places to bring people into your business.

After that you’re going to discuss customer testimonials. This is a segment a lot of businesses again neglect. They don’t put customer testimonials on their website or in any of their marketing literature.

And this is one way to really defuse a lot of the hesitation that customers have when they go to do business with you if they see that other people have done business with you and they’re happy with it and then they’re going to be more apt to do business with you.

They’re going to be more apt to say yes I want to do business with this company.

Not only does this course have some very special tips inside there, they’re going to show you how to lower their apprehension level and raise their confidence level by reading those customer testimonials.

Also includes is you’re going to learn how to put together an advertising plan.

A lot of businesses, when they put together an advertising plan, they don’t spend the right amount of money at the right time during their business cycle.

What a lot of people do is they end up either putting together what is called a cost static plan which they put they spend the same amount of advertising money month after month after month and that just doesn’t work.

You’re going to put together what is called a flex plan. So you’re going to learn how to put out the right amount of advertising when you should be and then you’re pulling it in when it really isn’t that profitable.

This segment is extremely important to grasp. I think a lot of people will be fascinated by this part, because really ask yourself the question… Are you pulling out advertising when things are not profitable or are you just wishing and hoping things will change?

So you’re going to walk through that too.

So this course is really for small business because small business is not about brand building you want to get customers through the door.

So you’re going to learn this from one of the countries best small business marketing company and be taken through it all step by step.

Interested parties should seek out the information pack available online.