Unique Small Business Marketing Course

Ever wondered how your competitors are getting ahead in the marketing game, or perhaps you’ve thought about getting someone to look at your marketing strategy and just don’t understand what they’re telling you.

Well an astute small business marketing company in Melbourne has just started to coach Spanish small business owners with their mini crash course in small business marketing and communications.

Perfectly designed for small business owners and managers wishing to learn new marketing skills.


This course offers two skill sets that will provide essential marketing skills without the need for a huge time investment or cost.

So lets walk through the course a little and at the end you’ll have a customized plan and it’s going to be specific just for your business.

Now what you’re going to learn in this small business marketing course is how to develop your market position which a lot of businesses really neglect and really that is so key because if you don’t get that right.

Right off the bat everything else just doesn’t work. It doesn’t fall into place not to mention a strong market position is going to help you eliminate competition.

It’s going to help you be unique in your own marketplace and is going to help you as far as price elasticity’s.

Next you’re going to go through how to create a quality-marketing message and this is key for reaching out to the right clientele. Reaching the right people that you’re trying to target.

You’ve got to have the right message that speaks directly to them.

That’s very powerful.

After that you’re going to go through marketing mediums or marketing media groups and you’re going to see which media outlets best suit your target market, where you should invest your money and not just blindly throw it down a rabbit hole.

You want to know exactly where you’re going to get the best results and you’re going to keep on updating this over and over and over.

For instance their are at least twelve different media outlets that you should be considering all the way from radio, T.V, newspaper, Google Ad Words, SEO, press releases and many other options.

So you’re really going to have a lot of different places to bring people into your business.

After that you’re going to discuss customer testimonials. This is a segment a lot of businesses again neglect. They don’t put customer testimonials on their website or in any of their marketing literature.

And this is one way to really defuse a lot of the hesitation that customers have when they go to do business with you if they see that other people have done business with you and they’re happy with it and then they’re going to be more apt to do business with you.

They’re going to be more apt to say yes I want to do business with this company.

Not only does this course have some very special tips inside there, they’re going to show you how to lower their apprehension level and raise their confidence level by reading those customer testimonials.

Also includes is you’re going to learn how to put together an advertising plan.

A lot of businesses, when they put together an advertising plan, they don’t spend the right amount of money at the right time during their business cycle.

What a lot of people do is they end up either putting together what is called a cost static plan which they put they spend the same amount of advertising money month after month after month and that just doesn’t work.

You’re going to put together what is called a flex plan. So you’re going to learn how to put out the right amount of advertising when you should be and then you’re pulling it in when it really isn’t that profitable.

This segment is extremely important to grasp. I think a lot of people will be fascinated by this part, because really ask yourself the question… Are you pulling out advertising when things are not profitable or are you just wishing and hoping things will change?

So you’re going to walk through that too.

So this course is really for small business because small business is not about brand building you want to get customers through the door.

So you’re going to learn this from one of the countries best small business marketing company and be taken through it all step by step.

Interested parties should seek out the information pack available online.


Why Social Media Marketing Can Generate Targeted Web Traffic

To get traffic and social media signals you have to understand the structure.

These are very broad level core principles and when you truly understand these principles, where they come from and how to apply them not only are you able to generate a lot of traffic but it goes way beyond what you can apply to marketing to grow sales.

This is why I asked you invest your time at all cost at increasing your social media distribution channels

why social media marketing can generate targeted web traffic

The first principle is competitive research.

It’s no surprise that people now realise the Internet is now the greatest research tool ever invented. We can use it to look up any market or industry and find out who’s selling what and how they are doing it.

My first marketing strategy to use is look at who is partnering with others and so on and so forth. It’s incredibly powerful and its what I like to call piggybacking.

With this first principle you’ve probably heard the old phrase, don’t reinvent the wheel. When I asked people what is one of the most valuable concepts when it comes to online marketing, I look for the answer, competitive research.

To simply find what other people are putting their time, effort and money into allows me to piggyback those same strategies and concentrate my efforts on replicating them. It saves me from having to find out what works which is going to show the way to success more efficiently. So find out what’s working and then just do it too. It is incredibly powerful.

Next principle is the Eighty Twenty rule.

You probably don’t realise what a eighty twenty rule is. It’s essentially any circumstance where Eighty percent of the results will come from the twenty percent of your efforts and vice versa.

So with social media marketing twenty percent of your results will come from eighty percent of your social media efforts and when it comes to traffic generation this is an incredibly true principle.

Now there are thousands upon thousands of ways to generate traffic to a Website and the fact is that there are only a few solid strategies which will help you generate the most amount of traffic.

So my goal for this article is I want to give you just the scientifically proven strategies which work time and time again. We’re not going to focus on the little teeny types of strategies which are only going to bring in a little trickle of traffic, is just not worth your time.

If you value time more than twenty five cents an hour that is…

Because if I’m honest there’s really no such thing as free traffic any free traffic strategy at least take someone’s time to take advantage of it and remember your time is with money.

So the principles that you’re going to see me apply to this article is an eighty twenty rule and its a reoccurring theme which is incredibly powerful if you know how to take advantage of it.

The next principle is very simple.

My strategy to increase and grow your traffic and sales is to try and put into motion several different proven methods that others have proven to work.

When you get any results at all, when you start seeing traffic coming in from many different areas, analyse them and what you’re going to see is that the fastest growth to more traffic is to simply improve the area that’s working the best.

It’s a thousand times easier to generate more traffic by taking something that’s already worked a little bit to bring in traffic and to improve it rather than try and pull off something that has yet to bring in any traffic.

It sounds easy but you’d be surprised at the amount of people that do it the other way around. They spend so much time trying to bring in a lot of traffic through these different strategies when it’s literally all or nothing and they put in a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of effort and its either going to bring in to them ten thousand new visitors or zero.

Now there’s a much easier, more profitable way to bring in fast traffic.

I’m going to teach you how to do it.

If you want more traffic you have to own more of the Internet, Simple. There is no real secret here.

Its no surprise that the majority of the big websites getting the most amount of traffic have something in common and that is they have more pages out there on the Internet. In other words they own a greater percentage of the internet.

Since the Internet is made up of individual publishers, right now as a Website owner you own as much of the Internet as you have content published out there.

So it’s common sense.

If you want more traffic you would want to begin taking on a bigger piece of the pie across the Internet. You want more content pages out there on as many sites as possible.

For example as far as video marketing you need to have as many videos out there as possible on YouTube and Dailymotion and as many of these sites suitable for videos.

For blogs you need to have as many web2.0 pages as possible. So pages like Tumblr and Blogspot will boost your online brand and allow you to scale your business to the next level. Great examples of building authority and generating traffic to your website is this Tumblr page and Blogspot page.

Now for two extra core principles that you really need to keep in mind is to focus on building assets and building relationships

Anything that you do on a regular basis with your marketing especially when it comes to generating more and more traffic is that you want to be growing assets.

Take your content for example. On a week to week basis you want to have more content produced. More than what you had last week or last month. Ideally you want to create more products and you want to grow your subscriber numbers email list.

You want to broaden your distribution channels with more Facebook friends, with more followers on Twitter. Be sure to concentrate on activities that are going to generate targeted web traffic.

Always look for ways to test your data and your findings. When you split test you can uncover some incredibly powerful tactics because you can analyse and see what’s really working from what’s not.

Now last but not least my personal favourite traffic generation tactic is relationship building. I want you to start applying my strategies and building relationships with other commentators and influencers in your niche or industry. As you build your relationship base, that is an asset.

Your traffic will grow as your business grows and you simply make more money on an on going basis when all these things fall into place.

So it’s these core principles I want you to keep in mind.

You’re probably already thinking of a lot of ways you can actually apply the strategies within your business. Outside of just traffic generation is the great importance of incredible value.

Just stay focused on these core principles and apply them daily.


How Strategic Planning Can Result In Marketing Success

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have started your own company.

And now let’s say you’ve invented a sushi that is just like fried chicken and mashed potatoes. And so you’re so excited and you do all your market studies you produce this product. You find a way of getting it to your target market. You’re out there selling it and it’s successful. You’re making a profit and so you sit down in your office one day and go, “well now what.”

And that now what is what this article is about.

You don’t ever want to be caught in that position of where should I go what should I do.

What’s next in the business. If you are in that position. You have already fallen behind.

So what we’re trying to do with the strategic planning process here that will be going through is answer some of those questions.
What does our future hold?
Who should our target market be?
Should stay where it is now should it evolve into another group or or switch completely?

Your competition is probably catching up with you right now!!

So how are you going to keep your advantage?


This is what we’re talking about when we talk about strategic planning.

The purpose of strategic planning is to look at those long range goals of your business.

There’s a sign.

We don’t try and come up with what we’re going to do next week, we’re not trying to come up with we’re going to do next month or even next year.

We’re asking ourselves, where do we want to be in the long run. What direction should our business go into or what area should we develop for.

I must emphasize this is a highly involved process that involves all levels of management that particularly upper level.

It is very intense.

And well thought out. If done properly.

With-in the strategic planning process we have three levels that we’re going to be looking at with this topic.

The first one is the top level management decisions. Very long term.

Looking at the long term range. The absolute direction of the company.

The second level is the functional planning level. And this usually involves middle level management.

Here they’re going to say how do we take those fifteen…twenty year objectives and goals laid out by our top level management and the strategic planning process.
How are we to make those a reality?
What do we need to do now to move towards that to accomplish that?

And then finally the third level in the strategic planning process is operational planning. And this is the line management level.
This is actually putting the strategies into place.
Making it happen. Making it a reality.

Now next post we look at these three levels in finer detail. Hopefully you will see something that I tried to emphasize here.